The Rehma Fund for Children

The Rehma Fund for Children supports charitable causes that help children and parents deal with the emotional trauma and stress of illness and hospitalization. The Fund aims to achieve this through making compassionate healthcare more accessible to sick children in need.


The Rehma Fund for Children has been established in memory of Rehma Sabir, our beautiful, joyful daughter, who passed away unexpectedly and tragically days after her first birthday in January 2013. The core objective of the fund is to support charitable causes that help children and parents deal with the emotional trauma and stress of illness and hospitalization through easier access to more compassionate healthcare.

Rehma means Mercy. Rehma was, and continues to be, a mercy and blessing in our lives. She taught us, and everyone who knew her, so much in her short life. To always smile, make others smile and find the silliest reasons to laugh everyday. To approach the most mundane aspects of life with curiosity and enthusiasm. And above all, to love everyone and everything.

It is impossible to describe the heartbreak of losing one's child. During the difficult time spent in the hospital by her bedside, we took hope, reassurance and comfort from the compassion and kindness of the professionals who took care of her. We experienced first hand what a difference a high quality healthcare environment made to our precious daughter and eventually to us when it came time to say goodbye.

For families with sick children, we want to ease the stress and burden of illness with the reassurance that their children have access to the kindest and best possible care. We want to help families take their children, healthy and happy, home from the hospital. For the families who have to say goodbye, we want to help them gain whatever comfort they can from knowing that their children were well cared for in their final days. Please see the supported causes page for specifics about how we plan to do this.

Please join us in honoring our daughter's memory by helping sick children in need gain access to compassionate and high quality healthcare. Please help us give other children the opportunity to continue to love, smile, laugh and spread mercy as Rehma did.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and support,
Sameer Sabir & Nada Siddiqui

The Rehma Fund for Children provides funding for specific projects with registered charities. Each charity is led by people that are truly passionate about delivering quality, compassionate health care for sick kids and who understand the importance of providing emotional and psychological support to patients and their families.

With each collaboration, we have personally volunteered with, worked with and/or visited the organizations involved. In each case, we personally know the incredible people running them and can witness firsthand the impact the Rehma Fund is having.

Rehma received outstanding care at Children’s Hospital Boston, one of the top pediatric hospitals in the world. We were deeply touched by the level of understanding, compassion and emotional support the staff at Children’s Hospital showed both to Rehma and to us, her family, during the most difficult time in our lives. It is our sincere hope that in the unfortunate circumstance when a parent faces a situation where their child is ill in the hospital, they can receive the same level of medical care, expertise and compassion that we did.

To that end, the Rehma Fund is supporting OPENPediatrics™, an innovative, global initiative headed by Dr. Jeff Burns, the Chief of Critical Care at Boston Children’s Hospital. OPENPediatrics™ is an interactive, virtual knowledge exchange and learning platform focused on the care of critically ill children. OPEN Pediatrics™ gives doctors and nurses an active learning platform that truly revolutionizes post-graduate medical education around pediatric critical care, irrespective of geography or resources. The Rehma Fund is funding the creation of a subject module within OPEN Pediatrics™ that addresses non-accidental pediatric trauma. Dr. Burns and his medical team were responsible for Rehma’s care at the Boston Children’s Hospital ICU.

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The Children Cancer Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan provides diagnosis and treatment for underprivileged pediatric cancer victims across Pakistan who simply cannot afford treatment. The Rehma Fund has funded the purchase of medical equipment to establish an advanced Emergency Room and enhanced Day Care facilities. This will vastly improve care for children who suffer from the complications of chemotherapy, as well as provide better access to routine treatments such as blood transfusions and antibiotic administration.

As a next step, the Rehma Fund hopes to help establish additional programs centered on patient and family support to help sick kids with cancer deal with their illness, and to help parents deal with their child being ill or the loss of a child.

For this project, we have partnered with the Association for the Development of Pakistan, an organization we have personally volunteered with in the past, who have helped us to both identify the project and conduct the necessary due diligence.

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The Vietnam VAC in Saigon, Vietnam provides free, state of the art care to underserved children suffering from severe disfiguring vascular birth defects such as hemangiomas, port-wine stains and other diseases such as vitiligo. For many of these children, such highly visual conditions are a huge social and psychological stigma that severely limit their ability to interact with society. Set up by a group of Boston-based physicians with their Vietnamese counterparts, the VAC is a facility that has the ability to cure these children and give them a chance at a normal, stigma-free life. The Center has changed the lives of thousands of children and continues to train local physicians to create a sustainable model of care.

Our personal experience on several different levels with two of the founders of the VAC, Dr. Thanh Nga Tran and Professor Rox Anderson, underscore to us the level of personal commitment and dedication to helping sick children in need. We are funding the purchase of anesthesia equipment that will improve the safety and comfort of children undergoing procedures.

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Richard House is a purpose-built children’s hospice located in East London, UK. It supports families caring for children with life-limiting, life-threatening and complex healthcare needs. Richard House accompanies the children and their families on their journey through life until death, aiming to create positive experiences and memories for the families. Rehma’s family members have personally witnessed the amazing work that the hospice does through volunteering with the organization. Richard House clearly creates positive energy and memories for children with life limiting conditions. The positivity and resilience of the children and their families in the face of adversity is inspiring.

The services provided at Richard House are free to the families with the majority funded through voluntary donations. When they opened in 2000, they were the first children’s hospice in London. Today, more than 300 families are registered to use services at the hospice.

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Evelina London Children’s Hospital is one of the UK’s leading pediatric hospitals. Their award-winning building was designed keeping the needs of children in mind. Every day, 300 children pass through its doors.

The Rehma Fund UK will be supporting the hospital’s Spiritual Care & Samaritan Fund. The Spiritual Care Team plays a vital role in offering comfort, emotional support and a listening ear for families struggling with the emotional pain of having a child in the hospital. The Samaritan Fund helps ease the financial strain for families in need who live a significant distance from the hospital or whose child is at the hospital for an extended period of time, helping parents maximize the time spent with their child. The Rehma Fund aims to triple the number of families the hospital is able to help through its Spiritual Care & Samaritan Fund.

We have personally visited Evelina and met with some of the amazing staff who are responsible for providing care. From personal experience, we know how much it matters to have compassionate, experienced emotional and spiritual support at your child’s bedside. We know how much it means to a family to be at a loved, ill child’s bedside as much as possible. We hope that The Rehma Fund’s support will help Evelina to provide both these aspects of care to more sick children and their families.

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We will continue to update and provide further information on specific support provided to these groups, as well as information on additional organizations the fund chooses to support.

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